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MEET Vorova

Vorova is our design, print and cut cloud platform developed to make 2D print decals for complex 3D shapes. Whether you want to decorate your scooter, allow your customers to buy advertising on your street hardware, or provide an intelligent sign design service at your automotive dealership. Vorova will produce perfect fit, color matched prints delivered to your door, every time.

Vorova is THE COMPLETE PACKAGE it’s your own high-quality graphic design and fully automated printing platform available anywhere with just a web browser.

Vorova gives you the power to design without requiring prior training or knowledge leaving you to imagine and innovate with what works best for your business and customers. Vorova makes it easy to reproduce one or thousands of copies of your design in a short time.


  • Browser based graphic design tool
  • Brand control
  • An extensive cloud database of templates
  • Consistent output, 100% color matched WYSIWYG
  • Does not require proofing 
  • Reduces time from 5 to 10 days to 48 hours
  • Decal print accuracy to the millimeter
  • Systematic design approval, no more mistakes!
  • Reliable automated delivery
  • Improved design to production times
  • No experience required, ANYONE can create design and install
  • No special tools required

Why Vorova

Vorova simplifies a complicated multi point process by offering easy to use design and visualization tools right in your browser.

It starts with you choosing from your product line up. Next you simply choose from a specific library of pre-loaded templates and use the browser based design tool to easily upload custom images, logos and branding. Changing fonts and background colors is just a couple of clicks and there is guaranteed color matching so no need for timely proofs being approved.

Once you are happy with the design on screen Vorova takes over, manufacturing and shipping you ready to install decals in 2 days. With automated production, fast shipping, extensively tested materials and simple installation we’ve cut the time and complication out of the process of signage, advertising and mass customisation design.

Instant Results

Vorova is your number one graphics printing solution! Whether you are looking to create signs, create advertising material, generate a new revenue stream within your accessory offerings or you want to customize a large number of items, we’ve got you covered.

We offer our software platform for FREE.

Our partners assume zero-risk and hold zero-inventory, effectively making Rocksteady’s proposition a no-brainer.

Our software does the hard work so you don’t have to.


Vorova lives in the cloud

Vorova is built in the cloud. You, therefore, do not worry about application setup, hosting or maintenance. Never worry about system maintenance since Vorova is a comprehensive out-of-the-box solution. Mobility of the solution is an added advantage to all users.

Perfect choice for OEM

Vorova is built to scale. Whether you are looking to start printing a few samples or scale with your market, the software service will serve you well. It is a Zero-risk investment which you can operate without maintaining an inventory. Vorova is being used to brand vehicles, motorbikes, bicycles, helmets, and smart city advertisements.

People love Vorova for making consistent prints and making it easy for people to create custom designs.

The Results

Vorova users have created over 2.7 million designs to date. That’s 205 design years, in 70 countries and 450,000 signs, graphics and decals shipped.


Decrease in Down Time (Ride share)


More Interest in Purchasing Mass Customized Products


Decrease in Waiting Time


Willing to Pay a Higher Price for a customised product

Partners Using Vorova

Design once – Amend anytime – Print multiple times

Communications Preference