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Who We Are

ROCKSTEADY is a young, innovative company with a positive, dynamic and professional culture using the latest software technologies to build a disruptive force in online graphic design and decal manufacturing.

WE ARE EXPERIENCED SPECIALISTS, dedicated to quality and innovation, who develop our products for a global B2C and B2B market. We are achieving great success through the commitment and expertise of our team.

OUR MISSION, to put mass customization capabilities in the hands of equipment manufacturers using our unique partnering business model.

Why We’re Different

WE UNDERSTAND all the elements required to attract visitors to your products and services, and then convert those clients to paying customers or clients.

WE CREATED A SOLUTION that evolves with your business and your customers or clients. While the subscription model has come to dominate the technology market, we offer our software for free. Our partners assume zero-risk and hold zero-inventory, effectively making Rocksteady’s proposition a no-brainer.

WE UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR NEEDS WILL CHANGE over time, our Vorova cloud platform easily adapts with options and print solutions that are almost limitless.

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