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Rocksteady provides decals and signage through a unique integrated software and printing platform

Vans & Trucks

Rocksteady offers van and truck signage as an accessory through partner dealerships. Using our software and print platform van and truck signage is fast, efficient and headache free. No more “graphic designers”, no more “proofing”, just perfect cut prints, delivered to your dealership in 48 hours.

Smart Cities

Make additional revenue from advertising on all of your Street furniture with precision fit decals from Rocksteady.


With Rocksteady, Smart City Bins can offer localised specialized advertising on your products, increasing revenue and reducing install times at no extra cost.

Working with OEM's, Race teams and 3rd party manufacturers, Rocksteady platform delivers perfect fit decals for the motorcycle industry globally. Delivering to 79 countries with over 2,000,000 hours of design time


Mass Customization

Mass Customisation Rocksteady works with a wide variety of product manufacturers to allow them to mass customise their product without having to invest time and money in expensive systems. We input your product dimensions into our software and instantly your customers can print decals that fit perfectly every time. Whether you're customer is a National Police Force wishing to identify hard cases, or the Red Cross needing colour coding for emergency relief – or simply putting your family photo on your phone cover, Rocksteady deliver's perfect customisation decals every time.

Our ride-share customers take advantage of the 0.5mm CNC precision cut decals that fit like a glove around all the curves, nuts and bolts of their bikes. This precision allows them to install decals on the side of the road meaning less downtime than with traditional “prints on a roll” decals.


Acquiring professional looking signage or livery for a vehicle used to be a hassle. No color matching, poor fitting, logo and graphics issues, to name but a few, meant headaches for owners and vehicles off the road. Rocksteady has solved all that. Our software automatically matches colors, cuts to 0.5mm accuracy, allows easy graphics and logo uploads so that signage arrives in a fraction of the time, perfect every time.

We are currently working with a number of Van and Truck manufacturers and dealers. Our cloud based intelligent design software  requires little or no training to produce professional looking signs in minutes. Delivered to your door anyone can easily install the precision fit decals meaning your van is ready to go in minutes not hours.


We input your product into our cloud platform allowing you to design perfect fit decals for mass customization, advertising, signage and more thus enabling your businesses to gain a competitive advantage.

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Our software produces decals that fit perfectly on any surface and any shape. Smart Cities assets are becoming increasingly costly. Paying for Smart City projects can be financed in part by advertising on those assets. That’s where Rocksteady’s software comes in.

Rocksteady partner with smart city infrastructure providers in transport, waste disposal, and utilities to provide locally relevant (down to the individual bin, hydrant or 5G relay!), easy to install, flexible advertising in order to extract more value from your smart assets.

At the other end of the spectrum, we can help assets blend in with the local environment to avoid visual clutter, matching bins to the road they are on or using prints to camouflage 5G transmitters.

Whether you use your water hydrant to display the menu of the restaurant behind it or merge an unsightly bin with its architectural background our completely flexible software lets you decorate in style.

Our Vorova Platform, allows you to create 2D decals for complex 3D shapes

any surface

Everyone knows the advantages of Mass Customization: better customer retention, fewer unfinished goods etc. but any manufacturer will tell you the costs for customization can be high and the risks of getting it wrong are very real.

Using Rocksteady’s ready-made customization decals we remove the risk while you enjoy the benefits. We map your product’s 3D surface creating a 2D decal where your customers can print anything from their company logos to their favorite film stars. Rocksteady’s perfect fit decals can change the appearance of any product from hard cases and strong boxes to motorcycles and mudguards there is no limit to the number shape and size of solutions we can provide.

Many businesses struggle with the expense and technology required customize their products. By partnering with Rocksteady your company can offer infinite variety in design with no up front investment.

If you believe your product and customers will benefit from being able to change its appearance to suit their needs then contact Rocksteady and start your customization journey today.

Mass Customization

Our mission is simple:

Put our Print Platform capabilities in the hands of equipment manufacturers using our unique partnering business model.

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